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Thursday, March 22, 2018

APP-FND-00690: Program error: The data that defines the flexfield on this field may be inconsistent

On : 12.1.2 version, Other Inventory Issues
Oracle Inventory Management - Version 12.1.2 and later

When attempting to retrieve specific item category set, found following error message. 

APP-FND-00690: Program error: The data that defines the flexfield on this field may be inconsistent.

Inform your system administrator that the routine FND_FLEX_SERVER2.get_qualsegs() could not find any segments for the flexfield specified by application id = 401, Code = MCAT and structure number = 2

The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:
1. When customer review the categories set, the error APP-FND-00690 occurs. 
2. Customer try to unfreeze the DFF, and then freeze and compile it. 
3. The problem still there, and customer change system option to "Validation Flexfild on Server" to "No", but it is not working and it will close alll form when customer go to that category set record.


There is no Segment setup for Product Family Flexfield structure of Item Category in Inventory application
Use following SQL statement to identify problematic flexfield structure:
select id_flex_structure_code
from fnd_id_flex_structures
where application_id = 401
and id_flex_code = 'MCAT'
and id_flex_num = 2;


=== ODM Solution /Action Plan ===
1. Go into the responsibility: System Administrator
2. Navigate to Application - Flexfield - Key - Segments
3. Query Item Category Flexfield in Title field
4. Unfreeze Flexfield Definition
5. Query Product Family structure
6. Press Segments button
7. Create dummy segment
8. Check Enabled check box - leave Displayed check box unchecked
9. Save record and close Segments form
10. Freeze Flexfield Definition
11. Compile Flexfield Definition
12. Retest the issue.
13. Migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.